Hands-free leash

While dogsitting my friend's energetic Australian Shepherd, I discovered the convenience of this hands-free leash.

Kona, my friend's young exuberant pup, is a handful on walks. She pulls, changes direction suddenly, is leash-reactive to a variety of things we encounter, including other dogs, skateboard, bikes, etc. This hands-free leash saved my hands and nerves by making it easier for me to control Kona and keep everyone safe.

Instead of a handle loop, the leash comes with a buckle that I wear like a belt. The other end is a secure snap that hooks onto Kona's harness. I know she's securely attached to my body at all times and during encounters, I can hold onto the leash for extra control. It works great, even when Kona circles me, the waist loop follows her and doesn't wrap around me. 

Bonus tip: if you have multiple dogs, you can clip other dogs' leashes to your waist belt with a carabiner.



You can get the leash in our shop here. The waist belt is adjustable to fit all body sizes. You can also choose your preferred leash length, color, hardware. Each leash is handmade using durable nylon webbing, steel or brass snap hooks, and a ring for you to attach a poop bag holder.