Winter safety: LED dog collars review

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Since getting our Novkin LED dog collars, we've been enjoying our night walks with added peace of mind.
Safety is a major concern when it comes to walking our dogs at night, especially in winter when the sun sets earlier. We used collar lights in the past, but as the light concentrates in one spot, they're not visible from all directions.
While searching for a better solution, we found Novkin LED dog collars.
Because the entire collar lights up brightly, people are able to see our dogs from a distance in all directions.
Furthermore, the collars are easy to use and fully adjustable to fit your dog. Battery life lasts about 6 hours on one charge and recharges quickly in about an hour's time using a micro USB cable (included).
To adjust the collar length, just cut off the extra length to fit. They fit necks from 12" to 22". 
The collars operate in 3 modes of lighting: fast flashing, slow flashing, steady glowing, which is our preferred mode. Per manufacturer, the collars have visibility approximately up to 500 meters or 547 yards in darkness.
We also like that the collars function in all weather conditions. They lighted our way steadily during a recent walk in the rain.
There are 4 color options: red, pink, blue, and green. They come with 12-month worry-free warranty. They're currently available at $10.99 for one and $15.99 for two.
What are your favorite winter dog walking safety gear?

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