About Us

Hello friends,

I am Jennifer Zhang, the Owner of Sirius Republic.

I started this business in 2009 when my husband and I adopted our Pitbull mix, Chilly, a foster failure. It was our second fail at fostering. Sally, our one-eyed pure mutt joined us in 2008. We also had two other dogs, Lolita (Chihuahua mix) and Guinness (Doberman Pinscher).

I had trouble finding durable, beautiful collars for them so I decided to learn to sew and make my own. Soon after I started Sirius Republic.

A few reasons I love what I do: making and creating, friendships, helping dogs. 

Over the years I've learned new crafts such as leatherworking and metal stamping to expand my shop. Many customers have become dear friends. Even more dogs have found forever homes and I'm thrilled to have played a small role in their happily ever after through supporting rescue organizations.

This year we welcomed Norman the French Bulldog to our family. His unyeilding joy for life turbo-charged my passion for Sirius Republic's purpose. I'm excited for the future, with new products to come, new friends to make, and more rescue success stories to tell.

With gratitude and love, Jennifer