Nylon Collars

How to Measure: An accurate, exact neck measurement helps us make a well-fitting collar for your dog. The best tool is a soft measuring tape. Wrap it around the neck where the collar would sit and record the reading. We would like the exact neck measurement, so please don't add any extra room or pull it too tight.

Style: Standard Martingale

Martingale collars' no-slip feature has made them a safety standard at many kennels and animal shelters. A martingale consists of two connected fabric loops - a bigger collar loop that goes around the dog's neck and a smaller control loop that attaches to the leash and when pulled will cause the collar to tighten around the dog's neck to prevent escape. Martingales have limited constriction and apply even pressure on the dog.

Style: Buckle (Side-Release Plastic Buckle)

Buckle collars are one of the most commonly known and used collar styles. Our buckle collars are made with high quality side-release plastic buckles for strength, comfort and convenience.

Style: Chain Martingale

Similar to a regular martingale collar described above, the chain martingale collars feature a metal chain control loop instead of a fabric one. These no-slip collars are durable and easy to use.

Style: Quick-Release Martingale

A hybrid of a martingale and a buckle collars, Quick-Release Martingale collars feature the convenience of a quick-release buckle collar and the security of a no-slip martingale collar. Not available in 2" width.

Collar Width: 1.5"

Our bestselling collar width, 1.5" wide collars fit best on most medium and large size dogs, such as Pit Bull-type dogs, Retrievers, Shepherds, Boxers, Doberman Pinschers.

Collar Width: 1"

Our 1" wide collars will fit well on dogs of most sizes and is the most used by all-breed rescues for this reason. From Cocker Spaniels to Great Danes, all can wear this width.

Collar Width: 2"

We recommend our 2" wide collar for large dogs with long necks, such as Great Danes, Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, etc. Besides the wide width, our 2" wide collars also have heavier hardware designed for large and strong dogs. For most medium to large sized dogs, our 1.5" is a better-fitting width.

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