Collar Info

Our leather collars are available in 5 colors: black, burgundy, cognac brown, dark brown, and tan. We work with fine quality latigo leathers and transform them into durable, strong, beautiful collars.

black, burgundy, dark brown, tan, cognac brown

We start by cutting the leather into the specific measurements of your collar. Then we shape and paint the edging to create a smooth and even finish. Our favorite part comes next - decorating your collar. Every accessory is handset, ensuring a beautiful, secure attachment. Our hardware is brass and stainless steel, and available in both gold and silver finishes.

Our designs are simple, vibrant, a beautiful collection complementing every style. We also love and welcome custom work, contact us and let's create an one-of-a-kind collar for your one-of-a-kind dog.

Caring for your leather collar is easy. Please avoid extreme conditions, like drying out in the sun or soaking in water for an extended period of time. If it gets wet or dirty, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. From time to time, rub some conditioner into it. With a little bit of care and attention, your collar will age beautifully and last for years to come.


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